The Logistics Challenge: Packing

Ponder, if you will, packing for a 21 day camping trip. Add to the proposition that you will be flying half-way across the country to start the trip and all the way back across the country to return home. Temperatures can still be cold at night in Canada and Alaska so you will need jeans and sweatshirts. It will likely rain in the spring so you will need rain gear. Don’t forget the hiking boots, backpacks and trekking poles. Mosquitos are vicious this time of year in the north country. You will need mosquito net coverage: jacket, pants, hood, and gaiters. Sound like fun? You will want cameras and lens. A tripod would come in handy, too. True, you will be camping, but you will still need the everyday iDevices and assorted cords plus a GPS for the RV and another for hiking. Getting the picture yet?


Two large suitcases weighing in just below the 50 lb. airline limit. One large duffle with assorted gear weighing in at around 40 lbs. Two full backpacks and a camera pack. Navigating the airport and shuttle should be interesting.


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