The Adventure is about to begin

Yesterday after our daughter very generously drove us and our luggage to the airport, we flew from Philadelphia to Minneapolis through Chicago Midway on Southwest. It was our first Southwest experience and it was painless. A 1/2 hour delay on each leg of the flight, but nothing that impacted our overall schedule. Imagine an airline where they give you pretzels and a beverage without signing over your first born; an airline where you can actually check your bags (2 per person) without incurring fees higher than the original fare. Wow, it’s like going back in time.

In Minneapolis, we boarded a pre-arranged shuttle to Forest City, Iowa: home of Winnebago Industries. 2 1/2 hours later, we arrived at the Winnebago’s Grand National Rally site where the new Great Alaskan Holiday RVs had been staged and prepped for the 2014 Spring Adventure package.


Our RV is a 32 foot model with one slider. It is nicely appointed and has all the extras we ordered in advance: grill, camp chairs, etc.




Last night was a bonus night. We were allowed to sleep in the RV in advance of our rental starting today, but they won’t give us the ignition keys until orientation is complete later this morning. It seems that they don’t want us driving off without all the paperwork complete and their legal liability covered.

Half of the RVs are being launched today and the rest on Sunday. I quickly gave up counting, but there are over 120 RV’s hitting the road over the weekend.

The goal today after hitting Walmart or Target for essential supplies is to make it to Fargo, ND or someplace north thereof.


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