Day 2 & 3

May 18: Lloydminster, AB

Day 2: Fargo, ND to Lloydminster, AB

Eating up the miles. That is the goal for the first couple of days of our trip. The things we want to see and the places we want to experience are on the Northwest end of our travels. The less time we spend getting into that area, the more time we have to explore new territory.

Not much to report. Blasted through North Dakota, crossed into Canada and plowed through Saskatchewan. Night two was spent at a roadside pull-off near Lloydminster, Alberta on the Saskatchewan border.

Roadside Camping

Day 3: Alberta to the Northwest Territories

May 19: 60th Parallel Territorial Park

Happy Victoria Day, eh! We have reached the 60th parallel.

60th Parellel

Day 3 was spent traversing Albert to the North. It was another long day and by the time we stopped at 60th Parallel, the border of the Northwest Territories, we had 1,980 miles under our belts in two and one-half days. Here is where I sat for 2 & 1/2 days . . . yes, I actually steered occasionally. This picture was taken while waiting at a construction zone.

Driving the Road

Nothing much to report along the way other than hundreds of active beaver ponds complete with dams and lodges. Here is a pond with a double lodge.

Beaver Pond

This was our first night in a real campground: the 60th Parallel Territorial Park. There we were greeted by the official welcoming committee for the Territories – Mosquitos.

Welcoming Committe

We are now far enough north to be experiencing significantly longer daylight. The below picture was taken at 10:40 pm and is not doctored except for cropping. It does not getting really dark at all at night.

Night Sky

Tomorrow, the fun begins. We will cut back on the number of miles traveled and start enjoying the scenery . . . Spoiler alert: waterfalls and wildlife.


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