Days 10-11: Whitehorse, Yukon

May 27: Hi Country RV Park, Whitehorse, YT

Once we hit the Alaska Highway, we started to run into the 134 other Great Alaskan Holidays RVs on the Spring Adventure Package. This year’s model is a Minnie Winnie. Previous models were Chalets. The few Chalets on the road were rented out of Anchorage. Suddenly it was here’s a Winnie. There’s a Winnie. Everywhere’s a Minnie Winnie.

The road to Whitehorse had wildlife just like every road so far. On this route we saw our first and only elk and also happened upon a grouse.





Approximately 14% of the population of Whitehorse is First Nation. On the River Walk are the Healing Totem and First Nation Sculptures depicting the Crow (actually a raven) and the Wolfe, the local clans.

Whitehorse Healing

Whitehorse Healing Totem

First Nation Sculptures

First Nation Sculptures

One of the cool things at Whitehorse is the world’s largest weathervane. Yes boys and girls, this is an actual DC-3 turned into a functioning weathervane. You can stand there and watch the wind shift and the plane easily swivel.

DC-3 Weathervane

DC-3 Weathervane

On the educational side was the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre. This center (or centre) explains the ice age bridge between Asia and North America and the migration of mammals including humans between the continents. Great information and helped to dispel some previously held beliefs.

Giant Beaver

Giant Beaver


Woolly Mammoth

The gold rush made Whitehorse a critical link to the north. Sternwheelers from Whitehorse were an essential transportation component to the riches in the north country. The SS Klondike is preserved as a monument to the gold rush.

8 - SS Klondike

9 - SS Klondike - 2

10 - SS Klondike - 3

Just north of Whitehorse is Miles Canyon which provided a dangerous challenge to boats heading north. The solution was a tramway built on local lumber to transport boats over the rapids and through the narrows.

11 - Miles Canyon - 1

12 - Miles Canyon - 2

13 - Miles Canyon - 3

14 - Miles Canyon - 4

15 - Tram Car

Boat Tram at Miles Canyon

Muskrat at Miles Canyon

Muskrat at Miles Canyon

Of course, no visit to a community can be complete without some of the local art. We discovered this in a local front yard.

Front Yard Art

Front Yard Art

Next on our itinerary is the Klondike Highway, YT.


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