The People of the Northwest Territories

The people of the Northwest Territories are some of the friendliest people we have ever met. It was a regular occurrence as I finished filling up the RV that Peg would go in to pay and not return for 30-45 minutes because she had to share her and hear their life story. Same as I checked into campgrounds. This gentleman helped us fill out fresh water tank at the Community Center because the campground waterlines were still frozen.


We like the Southern Tier of New York. We know other people who like the areas in which they live. The people of the Northwest Territories go beyond like; they have a passion for the Territories. I have never before met people who have this type of relationship with the land and are passionate about sharing it with strangers.

They have frigid winters and limited navigation due to seasonal roads. They have mosquitos the size of jet fighters during the summer. They have swarms of No-See-Ums and numerous other pesky insects. In other words, they have plenty of reasons to hate the Territories, but they don’t. All of the adverse conditions are worth it to them.

I live in a tourist destination and hate when the tourist descend upon the community. These people live in what should be a destination and love when anyone comes to share the land that they love. They should either be a lesson to us all, or we should all move to the Territories.


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